Apprenticeship Qualification Certificate

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The Apprenticeship Qualification Certificate Program provides an intensive hands-on training in A+ Hardware, Software, Internet and Networking Systems needed to keep computer-based systems operational and functioning at greatest efficiency.

Course Objectives

  1. Student will learn Computer Software Applications and Internet Essentials.

  2. The course will also teach student Dynamic Web Designs and Basic Graphic Designs.

  3. Students will learn how to Troubleshoot  Computers, Identify and Fix both Hardware and Software Errors.

  4. They will also find out how to Install New Software Programs and Hardware Components and Upgrade Existing Systems, gain extensive knowledge about Computer Networks, as well as covering both Theory and Practice hands on Networking Terminations.

  5. Students will also learn how to Protect Computers from Viruses.

  6. Student will learn Basic Electronic and how to Design and Build Electronic Gadgets.

  7. The course will also teach students to Operate Multi-Meters and other Tools.

Profession Prospects

Experts in software applications, networking and computer repair and upgrading computers are in great demand, in both business and industry. Whether students are planning a career in this lucrative field, or just want to acquire the knowledge and upgrade their own skills at home or office, this course will be ideal.


Admission is opened to all. Anyone is qualified to be trained to become an expert in  IT.

Duration: 6 Months
Location: Amtech Computer School. Koforidua
Fees: Gh¢1,500
Call: 0240-87-99-83 / 020-8123-227

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