a. Evolution of computers
b. Application of IT
c. Types of computers
d. How the computer works
e. Components of a computer

2. Windows 7,8 or 10
a. Evolutions of the windows OS
b. Exploring the desktop
c. Shut down options
d. Scheduling Shut down time
e. Personalizing the desktop
f. Manipulating files and folders

3. Internet
a. Uses of the internet
b. How the internet works
c. www, URL, Webpage and websites
d. How websites are designed and works

4. Networking (Part 1)
a. Identifying networks
b. Network architectures
c. Proxy servers
d. Browser history, temporary files, plug-ins and Add-ons.

5. Networking (Part 2)
a. Topologies
b. IP and MAC addresses
c. Network Media
d. Network Devices
e. Network Operating Systems
f. Network Protocols
g. Security threats and mechanisms

Basic Word documents

Explore Microsoft Word
Working in the Word 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 user interface
Identifying program window elements
Working with the ribbon
Opening, navigating, and closing documents
Saving documents
Saving files to OneDrive
Viewing documents in different ways
Getting help with Word

Enter, edit, and proofread text
Entering and deleting text
Modifying text
Finding and replacing text
Sidebar: Viewing document statistics
Correcting spelling and grammatical errors

Modify the structure and appearance of text
Applying styles to text
Changing a document’s theme
Manually changing the look of characters
Character formatting and case considerations
Manually changing the look of paragraphs
Creating and modifying list
Formatting text as you type

Organize information in columns and tables
Presenting information in columns
Creating tabbed lists
Presenting information in tables
Performing calculations in tables
Other table layout options
Formatting tables
Quick Tables

Add simple graphic elements
Inserting and modifying pictures
Drawing and modifying shapes
Adding WordArt text
Formatting the first letter of a paragraph as a drop cap
Inserting symbols

Add visual elements
Changing a document’s background
Adding watermarks
Inserting preformatted document parts
Drawing text boxes
Inserting charts
Modifying charts using existing data in charts

Work with mail merge
Preparing data sources
Using an Outlook contacts list as a data source
Preparing main documents
Merging main documents and data sources
Printing envelopes
Printing documents
Sending personalized email messages to multiple recipients
Creating and printing labels

Basic EXCEL skills

Getting started with Excel
Working with the ribbon
Customizing the Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 program window
Arranging multiple workbook windows
Customizing the ribbon
Creating workbooks

Modifying worksheets
Inserting and deleting worksheets
Changing sheet tabs
Copying data to other worksheets
Moving data to other worksheets

Working with data
Managing data by using Flash Fill
Moving data within a workbook
Finding and replacing data

Performing calculations on data
Naming groups of data
Logical functions
Date & Time functions
Summarizing data that meets specific conditions
Finding and Replacing

Changing workbook appearance
Formatting cells
Defining styles
Changing the appearance of data based on its value
Adding images to worksheets

Reordering and summarizing data
Filtering Excel table data by using slicers
Sorting worksheet data
Sorting data by using custom list

Printing worksheets and charts
Adding headers and footers to printed pages
Preparing worksheets for printing
Previewing worksheets before printing
Changing page breaks in a worksheet
Changing the page printing order for worksheets
Printing worksheets
Printing parts of worksheets

Basic Presentations

Explore Microsoft PowerPoint
Identifying new features of PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
Working in the PowerPoint 2013 user interface
Identifying program window elements
About buttons and arrows
Working with the ribbon
Opening, navigating, and closing presentations
Viewing presentations in different ways
Searching for help with PowerPoint

Create presentations
Saving presentations
Compatibility with earlier versions
Saving files to OneDrive
Entering text in placeholders
Editing text
About the Clipboard
Adding and deleting slides
Exporting presentation outlines

Work with slides
Dividing presentations into sections
Rearranging slides and sections
Applying themes
Changing the slide background
Non-theme colours

Work with slide text
Changing the alignment, spacing, size, and look of text
Correcting and sizing text
Checking spelling and choosing the best word
Finding and replacing text and fonts
Adding text boxes
Changing the default formatting for text boxes

Add simple visual enhancements
Inserting pictures and clip art images
Graphic formats
Creating diagrams
Converting existing bullet points into diagrams
Plotting charts
Drawing shapes
Sidebar: Connecting shapes

Presentation enhancements

Present content in tables
Inserting tables
Customizing table
Formatting tables
Embedding and updating Excel worksheets

Visual elements
Editing pictures
Customizing diagrams
Formatting charts
Arranging graphics

Add other enhancements
Adding WordArt text
Inserting symbols and equations
Capturing screen clippings
Creating hyperlinks
Adding the same hyperlink to every slide
Attaching actions to text or objects
Adding transitions

Add animations, audio, and videos
Animating with ready-made effects
Customizing animation effects
Adding audio content
Inserting and playing videos


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