Microsoft Word Syllabus

Microsoft Word Syllabus

Discover Microsoft Word
Course Description  

In this training, participants will be given an overview of the different features of Microsoft Word . Participants will learn to use Microsoft Word to produce professional-looking documents. Features included are typing, formatting, editing, document spacing, margins, page numbering and saving a document..

Learning Outcomes

Examine word processing concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Word environment.

  • Create a new document.
  • Open, save and print a document.
  • Edit and format text.
  • Change the page layout, background and borders.
  • Insert headers and footers.
  • Insert and edit tables.
  • Insert clip art and pictures to documents.
  • Perform a mail merge.
  • Share and review shared document files.


  • Word Basics
  • Work with Text
  • Format Documents
  • Work with Text Objects
  • Work with References
  • Work with Illustrations
  • Specialized Documents
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Web Pages

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